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Akila Wienecke

Director of Patient Outreach


Akila was born in North Carolina but Texas has been home for over 20 years. Akila has been a healthcare professional for over 5 years and strongly supports homeopathic care and individual freedoms. Akila has been described as kind,sassy, supportive, energetic, and undeniably empowering. She has been an activist since 2015 and has chosen to bring her passion for life into the cannabis industry to empower and stand with other patients in Texas to bring about change. Akila’s motivation as an activist: people helping people. If she can help empower you and motivate you then she’s planted the seed and full legalization is just the beginning.

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Texas Veteran Online Conference - On Demand

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David Bass |  Sid Miller |  Wendy Askew, MD |  Jordan Tishler, MD |  Bryon Adinoff, MD |  Darina A. Douchi, PharmD, MAJ(R) |  Jax Finkel |  Jason Walker |  ....
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