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Andrew Livingston

Director of Economics & Research

Vicente Sederberg LLP

Andrew Livingston serves a unique role as an economist, business analyst, and general cannabis policy wonk in Vicente Sederberg’s Denver office. As Director of Economics and Research, he helps clients develop and expand their enterprise across cannabis markets nationally and internationally. Marijuana and hemp-focused businesses depend on Andrew’s services to navigate regulatory intricacies influencing market dynamics and to create sophisticated revenue models and pro forma for investors and strategic decision making.

Andrew has spent his entire career studying cannabis markets and first worked alongside the Vicente Sederberg team in 2012 during Colorado's historical Amendment 64 campaign, which fist legalized marijuana for adults. In addition to appearing as a regular on Marijuana Today, the cannabis industry’s top business and politics podcast, Andrew is often asked to speak at business and legal seminars around the country and internationally on the intersection of market dynamics and cannabis policy.

Before starting his career in cannabis market and policy analysis, Andrew focused his studies at Colgate University on the economics of illicit drug markets and the harms they create for societies around the world. He sits on the Denver Cannabis Sustainability Working Group as the Policy Committee Chair and helps coordinate government and business efforts to increase environmental stewardship within the cannabis industry. Andrew is also a partner at Vicente Sederberg's policy and public affairs consulting affiliate, VS Strategies.

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Economics of a Regulated Cannabis Market

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