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Anita Sommers

M(ASCP) and Air Force Veteran

  • 8 1/2 year active duty Air Force veteran
  • B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology minor in Chemistry & Spanish
  • 2007 - present Medical Professional, diagnosing infectious diseases "COVID"
  • Certified Essential Oil Coach
  • Patient with cannabis testimony having ulcerative colitis
  • Cannabis Science Communicator

Cannabis Science has brought Anita Sommers M(ASCP) a new sense of awareness, mission, and name CBD Genie. Her career, education, and unfortunate medical history has set the stage to educate the Endocannabinoid System and therapeutic compounds found in nature in a fun, memorable, comprehensive way. Her love and passion for both cannabis and science have finally come together in the state of Texas, and she is honored to be a part of history and educating the facts.

Pending 501c3 nonprofit: Veterans for Smart Farming, with a mission to educate smart, organic, sustainable practices while giving back to the farm to table community and bringing ourselves and Mother Earth to balance.

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Product Type
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Racial Disparity and Social Justice in Texas

Dr Oga Obie |  Dr Elias Jackson |  Dr Rita McGuire |  Chas Moore |  Viridiana Edwards |  Tamar Bibbs |  Anita Sommers |  Carlos Caro |  ....
4 hrs
Audio and Video
$10.00 - Attendee Price

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