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Christine De La Rosa

CEO & Co-Founder The People's Holdings, The People's Dispensary and CBxShield

Christine, a South Texas native, spent 20 years as a systems and database architect in tech before coming to cannabis. She is a social entrepreneur who has spent most of her adult life building businesses that creatively engage and employ the local communities that surround them. A history in technology, business consulting and entrepreneurship were part of the trajectory that led to co-owning cannabis businesses in both California and Oregon. She is a well-respected business leader, advocate and activist. 


She leads operations and strategic direction with responsibility for bottom-line factors, including long range planning, product management and retail development. She provides cross-functional management of COO. CFO, CMO and general oversight of employees. She directs all operations and infrastructure systems for TPD's current and future cannabis retail stores. 


Christine is passionate about the industry that saved her life. At the top of her tech career, she almost died from complications of undiagnosed Lupus. In 2015, she found cannabis as an alternative medicine to treat her lupus. No longer bound to 11 pills a day or monthly infusions, she was inspired by her experience to open Benefit Health Collective in 2016, along with her co-founders to help those who most need access to cannabis. Together they continue to grow their multi-state dispensary footprint and build a fiercely sought after national social equity model and enterprise now known as The People’s Dispensary. 


She is currently the CEO and National Co-Founder of The People's Dispensary, The People’s Holdings and Founding Partner of CBxShield She is an advisory board member of the Access + Innovation Project, Regennabis and Cannabis Doing Good. Additionally, she is a member of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee for NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association) and Subcommittee Chair of the Integration Committee.

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Racial Disparity and Social Justice in Texas

Dr Oga Obie |  Dr Elias Jackson |  Dr Rita McGuire |  Chas Moore |  Viridiana Edwards |  Tamar Bibbs |  Anita Sommers |  Carlos Caro |  ....
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