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Darina A. Douchi, PharmD, MAJ(R)

PharmD, MAJ(R) and CEO of Curativo Hemp

Dr Darina A. Douchi, PharmD, MAJ(R) is an experienced medical legal consultant and CEO of Curativo Hemp with 17 years as a clinical pharmacist specializes in pain and psychiatric medicine. After years of working with the severely ill Warrior Wounded Soldiers and enduring her own struggle with chronic pain, she developed an interest in the science of medical cannabis and since then, she became an ambassador of Medical Cannabis for her patients. Dr. Douchi holds private educational sessions to educate the medical community on the benefits of Cannabis. Dr. Douchi is a proud U.S. Army retired Major who served honorably from 2009-2017.

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Tutorial: How to Become a T.CUP Patient (2021)

Allison Kendrick, MD |  Chase Bearden |  Darina A. Douchi, PharmD, MAJ(R) |  Wendy Askew, MD
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