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Dr Oga Obie

Ogadinma ‘Dr. Olga’ Obie is a native Texan, born and raised in Houston. Her path to medicine began at the University of Houston, where she earned a cum laude degree in Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences and a minor in chemistry. She went on to earn her medical doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch where she was a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, eventually graduating with honors in burns research. She completed an emergency medicine residency at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where she presided as chief resident. Today she practices as a board-certified emergency physician in ERs throughout Texas, California and Louisiana. She practices as a board-eligible lifestyle medicine physician where she offers patients in-home concierge services. Finally, she is one of less than 100 state-approved Texas Compassionate Use Program physicians who can register qualified Texas patients to receive legal medical marijuana recommendations.

Dr. Olga began a path to naturopathy, the study and practice of natural medicine, after exploring native medicine in Central America, South America and parts of Africa. As a naturopath, she gravitates toward herbalism, incorporating healing herbs into traditional Western medicine protocols. Medical cannabis plays a pivotal role in her recommendations for treatment of almost every ailment and especially for preventive care. Currently, Dr. Olga serves as medical director for Refine Pharmaceuticals, a hemp-based natural supplements company located in Houston, Texas. As medical director, Dr. Olga helps with developing medical-grade hemp/CBD formulations as well as evidence-based educational workshops for the community. She also acts as medical director for James Henry, a lifestyle marijuana brand located in Bay Area, California.

Dr. Olga enjoys patient advocacy and helping patients develop their “health confidence”. Dr. Olga is a former medical board member of the Americans for Safe Access (ASA), an organization that actively works to change national and international cannabis policy. She currently serves on the medical board for the Texans for Safe Access, a state chapter of the ASA. She travels with marijuana policy advocate groups like Justice Grown, a medical cannabis corporation focused on repairing the many injustices caused by historical cannabis prohibition. Every year Dr. Olga offers free cannabis care nationwide to underserved patients with debilitating and end stage medical conditions. Through her voluntarism she oftentimes travels to doctor’s appointments with her patients to ensure that recommendations are easily incorporated into their medical management. In this way Dr. Olga is also able to simultaneously introduce cannabis care to medical professionals who otherwise do not know much about the medical benefits of cannabis. Along with concierge consultations, Dr. Olga also provides full-length personalized cannabis protocols to each client free of charge. 

Today, as Texas’ cannabis laws slowly expand, Dr. Olga provides healing, cannabis-based expertise to Houston area patients. As mentioned, she is currently a Texas Compassionate Use Program-approved physician where she is available for in-home concierge consultations for Houston-area clients and by teleconference for out-of-county patients. More information on what Dr. Olga has to offer can be found on her social media pages as well as by visiting Refine Pharmaceuticals, a hemp/CBD storefront coming soon to Houston, Texas in Summer 2020.

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Racial Disparity and Social Justice in Texas

Dr Oga Obie |  Dr Elias Jackson |  Dr Rita McGuire |  Chas Moore |  Viridiana Edwards |  Tamar Bibbs |  Anita Sommers |  Carlos Caro |  ....
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