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Ret. Lt. Jay Hall

Houston Police Department

As a police officer in the Houston Police Department for 24 years, Jay Hall focused on making arrests. As a juvenile probation officer in Indiana, he focused on prevention, and as an adult parole officer, he focused on rehabilitation. But over time, he realized that as criminal justice approaches, none of these were a long-term solution to drug abuse and problems caused by the illicit drug market.

Ever since his brother tragically died from violence in the illegal drug trade, Hall has believed in making a difference by communicating with young at-risk people. “We can teach them about character and encourage them to do better,” he explains. “But simply arresting and warehousing people has not worked to abate the flow of drugs, and it has caused far worse collateral damage.”

As for a new approach, rehabilitation is key for Hall. “As a spiritual person, I would say that God has a greater calling for your life than being addicted to drugs. From a practical standpoint, people struggling with drug addiction need counseling and treatment.”

Hall earned his bachelor's degree in Sociology and M.A. in Public Administration and Management. He is currently working on a Doctorate degree in Organizational Behavior, Management and Leadership.

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Economics of a Regulated Cannabis Market

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