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Sarah Kerver

Serial Entrepreneur & Business Owner. Working with a focus in the Cannabis Industry. Product development at the ground level with grass roots marketing based research. Bringing together multiple brands for collaboration in Austin’s first Cannabis based Collective.

Standing President for Texas Cannabis Council with a focus on current and future development of the Texas cannabis industry by advocating for public policies that ensure the responsible regulation and sound business practices

My proficiencies include design and concept direction, brand awareness, talent management, project roadmaps and schedules, and staff management within intense, deadline-driven environments often rife with complicated logistics and personalities. I'm intelligent, driven, tenacious, affable, and thorough.

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Best Practices for Hemp In Texas

Taylor Kirk |  Travis Higginbotham |  Susan Hays |  David D. Baltensperger, Ph.D |  Steve Graves |  Sarah Kerver
1 Hour 46 Minutes
$10.00 - Attendee Price

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